Huda Hiedi kattan

Meet Huda, Dubai’s famous beauty Blogger

23 Nov 2011

Huda Heidi Kattan is a makeup artist and a beauty blogger who has became a famous face in Dubai due to her top beauty tips - we asked her to share some more...

How has being a beauty blogger  influenced your life?
My life has changed tremendously since I have become a blogger! I've always shared tips with my friends, but now I just have a bigger audience, which I really appreciate! I truly believe my calling in life is to help women feel better about themselves! I struggled a lot with beauty flaws over the years and I find it really helps to share how I have overcome them. I think it's also important to stress, anyone can be beautiful on the outside, but when you are happy and a good person from the inside, beauty kind of radiates naturally!

What's your personal makeup style?
My personal makeup style is definitely a mix between east and west. It's not so heavy. I like makeup that really accentuates your beauty and makes you look more beautiful! I always say this and I can't emphasize this enough, it really should look like you are beautiful, not your makeup. If it looks like your makeup is beautiful and not you, you might be wearing too much!

Beauty in three words?
Beauty from within! So true - I swear by this!

Who's your beauty icon?
I love the Sixties so I am a huge Sophia Loren and Bridget Bardot fan! They truly represent beautiful hair and makeup!

Who is your beauty inspiration?
My fans! They are honestly the most fabulous women I have ever met! I am constantly finding I am inspired more and more by how beautiful and strong they are! I love getting emails and reading their stories and how my blog has helped them in their lives, it's without doubt one of the most inspiring things I have ever experienced!

What's your beauty staple right now?
Coconuts! I love coconut everything! I drink coconut water, use coconut oil in my oatmeal and I love using coconut lotion for my skin! It's truly an amazing fruit!

Regular brands versus luxurious brands: which are best?
There's no reason why you can't use both, but the three makeup brands you could wear forever are Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani and Illamasqua.

What's your favorite shop for beauty buys?
Bloomingdale's! I just love going in there! I l love their really cute eclectic products! You never know what you'll find.

Which beauty item would you never use?
I have heard of women in Japan using droppings from a nightingale. I can tell you I would NEVER try that! Anything that is even remotely similar to a dropping from any animal is on my list of things I will never try!

To a party, full makeup or moderate one?
In between! I am infamous for my love of lashes! So I never leave home without them!

Which celebs have Hollywood’s best makeup?
Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, hands down.

And the worst?
Pam Anderson and Mischa Barton! Really terrible.

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