Meet Hollywood's Most Powerful Stylist

14 Mar 2013

She's worked with the likes of Julianne Moore and Scarlett Johansson, and now Leslie Fremar has fought off competition to become T'Town's style leader

You may not recognise her face, but she is the brains behind some of the most iconic A-list looks in Hollywood. From Julianne Moore's chic style to Charlize Theron's iconic white peplum gown at this year's Oscar's, Leslie has created so many of the looks we have loved in recent years.

So where did she come from? Leslie first worked as Anna Wintour's assistant, and if that doesn't prepare you for a life in the fashion world nothing will! She has now gone on to create some fantastic relationships with designers and celebrities, which allow her to produce some iconic memorable looks.

She may not be the most well know stylist in Hollywood; Rachel Zoe and Jl'os stylists Rob and Mariel have been much more prominent in the spotlight; but it is Leslie who is going from strength to strength and is on every celebs speed dial!

The list of Hollywood's most powerful stylists was published in The Hollywood Reporter this month.

1.   Leslie Fremar (Julianne Moore, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon)

2.   Petra Flannery (Zoe Saldana, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis)

3.   Rachel Zoe (Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Garner)

4.   Kate Young (Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, Natalie Portman)

5.   Elizabeth Stewart (Jessica Chastain, Amanda Seyfried, Cate Blanchett)

6.   Kemal Harris and Karla Welch (Amy Poehler, Justin Bieber, Olivia Wilde)

7.   Cristina Ehrlich (Penelope Cruz, Amy Adams, Jessica Pare)

8.   Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn (Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian)

9.   Erin Walsh (Kerry Washington, Kristen Wiigread)

10. Jeanann Williams (Naomi Watts, Emily Mortimer)