Meet the Gulf Film Festival Winners

17 Apr 2012

Check out who took home the big prizes at the grand closing ceremony

After a week of movie magic, during which over 155 films from 40 nations were screened free for the public, the Gulf Film Festival came to an end with a grand closing ceremony on 16 April.   

Cash prizes worth a whopping half a million dirhams were distributed There were many special moments as winners from across the region were honoured, including when veteran Kuwaiti
actor Saad Al Faraj was given a unique recognition award.

The top talents doing the judging were celebrated too. The
Official Gulf Competition jury included Iraqi theatre director Jawad Al Assadi, Saudi Arabian filmmaker
Abdullah Al-Eyaf and UAE media personality, theatre director and author Jamal
Matar. The International Shorts Competition and the Gulf Student
Competition jury included Tampere
Film Festival Finland Director Jukka-Pekka Laakso, Emirati filmmaker and
writer Jamal Salim and Egyptian film critic Essam Zakarea.

Check out the big winners right here:

New York Film Academy
Abu Dhabi Aspiring Filmmaker Award:
Eman Al Suwaidi
and Aisha Abdullah

Official Gulf Student Shorts Competition

Best Emerging Talent: Fatema Abdulla Al Nayeh for Rithath Al Hayat, UAE

Best Director: Melak Abd Ali Mnahi for Cassette, Iraq

Second Prize: Mohammed Ebrahim Mohammed for Sabramelh (patience Salt), Bahrain

Third Prize: Abdulrahman Al Madani for
Dhahirat Al Qamboa’a (The Gamboo3A Revolution), UAE

Special Jury Prize: Hashim Al Efari for Smile Again, Iraq

Best Short Film: Rania M Tawfik for En Lite Brise (A
Light Breeze
), Denmark

Official International Shorts Competition

Best Director: Ülo
Pikkov for Keha Malu (Body Memory), Estonia

Second Prize:
Alysson Muritiba for A Fabrica
(The Factory), Brazil

Special Jury Prize: Omar Khaled for Al
Hesab (Payback), Egypt

Best Short Film: Jalal Saedpanah for Sedaye
Baran (The SOund of Rain), Iran

Official Gulf
Shorts Competition

Special Mention: Nayla Al Khaja for Lamha
(Glimpse), UAE

Special Mention: Hadi Mahood for Al
Arabana (Cart), Iraq

Special Mention: Sogha for Role in Jannat
Rahma (Rahma's Heaven), UAE

Best Script: Rezgar Hussein for Paysikl
(Bicycle), Iraq

Best Director: Dana Al Mojil for Bilad
Al Ajaeb-Kissa Waqae’s (Wonderland - 'A True Story'), Kuwait

Third Prize: Mohammed BuAli for Huna
London (This is London),Bahrain, UAE

Second Prize: Samer Alnamri for Swar
Khafiya (Hidden Fences), Yemen

Special Jury Prize: Dana Al Mojil for Bilad Al Ajaeb-Kissa Waqae’s (Wonderland - 'A True Story'), Kuwait

Best Short Film: Rezgar Hussein for Paysikl
(Bicycle), Iraq

Official Gulf
Feature Competition

Special mention: Kais Nashef for Role
in Tora Bora, Kuwait

Best Director: Akram Hidou for Halabja
(The Lost Children), Germany, Iraq and Syria

Best Feature Film: Akram Hidou for Halabja
(The Lost Children), Germany, Iraq and Syria

Special Jury Prize: Walid Al Awadi for Tora Bora, Kuwait

Second Prize: Nujoom Al Ghanem for Amal

Third Prize: Taha Karimi for Man
Yekmozdore Sefid Hastam( I am a White Mercenary ), Iraq