Mean Girls: Victoria Beckham, JLo, Adriana and Alessandra

Adriana and Alesssandra mock Kendall and Gigi, as JLo and Posh face criticism
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 28 April 2016
Mean Girls: Victoria Beckham, JLo, Adriana and Alessandra
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Keeping positive in the world of celebrity isn’t an easy thing to do, especially when you have ladies like these in your way. While Victoria Beckham has been doing everything in her power to stop the Spice Girls from reforming, Jennifer Lopez has been blasted for not supporting Kesha by working with under-fire Dr Luke. Meanwhile, model Adriana Lima has defended herself and Alessandra Ambrosio after sources claimed the two were overheard making catty remarks about up-and-comer Kendall Jenner.

Posh Pulls Reunion Plans
Victoria Beckham has left her former friends feeling gutted by turning down “every single suggestion” for the Spice Girls’ 20th anniversary. The group celebrate the milestone later this year, and while it has previously been suggested the 41-year-old fashion designer had refused to take part in a reunion concert with Emma Bunton, Geri Horner, Mel B and Mel C, it’s now been claimed she also rejected interviews and TV appearances on the subject as she is so focused on her business empire. A source said: “She’s said no to every single suggestion. She’s turned down performances, documentary involvement, even requests to be quoted on the anniversary. At the moment, her only priority is building the fashion brand.” Arguably, the rest of the Spice Girls could do with the massive cash injection they’d receive from the reunion, but Victoria doesn’t want her pop past to affect her serious fashion career. “If Victoria were to sell part of her brand, it would represent a significant step up… it would enable her to branch out into new areas – like make-up or fragrance.”

JLo Faces Backlash
Jennifer Lopez can’t do right for doing wrong. The singer has been criticised for working with embattled Dr Luke on her new single Ain’t Your Mama. The 46-year-old singer debuted her new track on social media last week before performing it on the American Idol. While the song, written by Meghan Trainor, is a catchy, upbeat track, many fans have said they won’t be supporting the singer due to the fact that it was produced by Dr Luke, who is currently at the centre of a legal scandal, following Kesha’s claims that he sexually abused her.  
Charli XCX is Angry
Jennifer is signed to Sony’s Epic Records. Sony also co-owns Dr Luke’s label Kemosabe Records. 
After the producer’s involvement in Ain’t Your Mama was revealed, British singer Charli XCX was among those who criticised Jennifer for working with him. Posting a video of a woman shrieking “JLo all the way baby”, before another woman interrupts by holding a Mariah Carey album cover in front of her face, Charli captioned the clip: “All of us, after finding out that Dr Luke produced JLo’s newest single.” Other comments included one user writing: “So Jennifer Lopez worked with Dr Luke on her new song Ain’t Your Mama. Really, JLo? Disappointed... #kesha #FreeKeshaNow #JenniferLopez #JLo.” Another added: “I was really looking forward to new music by JLo but learning that it was produced by Dr Luke makes me not want to support it.” Jennifer has yet to comment on the scandal surrounding the new track.
Supermodel Smackdown
Supermodel Adriana Lima has hit back at reports suggesting she and her best friend Alessandra Ambrosio mocked Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Victoria’s Secret model Adriana, 34, defended herself against the accusations, which were published in a British magazine, and suggested she and Alessandra trashed the girls in a Mean Girls-style rant over brunch at a Los Angeles restaurant last month. The Brazilians were reportedly overheard making fun of Kendall’s “boring image and disastrous family” and stated both girls are “just pretty faces who don’t have any unique talent”. Posting a clipping of the magazine article on social media, Adriana called the rumours “absolutely not true”, adding, “magazines sometimes make a big buzz to sell, creating negative and false reports. This kind of news goes against my character and against the values that my mother taught me,” she added. 
Adriana Vs Gigi
Adriana and Gigi reportedly became rivals after both modelled for the American lingerie line and became ambassadors for the make-up brand Maybelline at the same time. Adriana and Alessandra, 34, walked the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as part of the brand’s permanent team of model Angels last year, when Kendall and Gigi, both 20, made their debut on the brand’s catwalk. The newcomers reportedly ruffled feathers with their arrival – following the show, Adriana, who has 16 years’ experience with the brand, was quoted as saying: “Those two girls were gorgeous, but you have to have character [to make it as a model].” 


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