McCartney opens up

Sir Paul on why he's a vegetarian
Wednesday , 12 March 2008
McCartney opens up

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has opened up about the moment he decided to become a vegetarian - for a new People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) poster campaign.

Wearing a trilby and a T-shirt sporting the words ‘Eat no...' and a picture of a cow, vegan McCartney reveals a fishing expedition made him rethink his passion for angling.

In a statement on the ‘I Am A Vegetarian' poster, the former Beatle writes, "Many years ago, I was fishing, and as I was reeling in the poor fish, I realised, ‘I am killing him - all for the passing pleasure it brings me.'

"Something inside me clicked. I realised as I watched him fight for breath that his life was as important to him and mine is to me."