Oscar nominees luncheon held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

May the Force be With Felicity Jones

05 Feb 2015

The Oscar nominee will star in the forthcoming movie

You may know her as the actress who was nominated for a Best Actress BAFTA or even the actress who was nominated for an Oscar (she’s that talented) but despite all the nominations, it doesn’t affect her ability to play any role. Felicity Jones is about to take on Star Wars.

The star has been enlisted to star as the female lead in the new movie and everyone is buzzing about it.

At the moment, she’s promoting True Story, a movie that stars with James Franco and Jonah Hill, and is now filming A Monster Calls, a family fantasy co-starring Liam Neeson who was also in the Star Wars films.

The movie that has already had hype since they first announced its release and although her role is a mystery, we’re sure that she’ll do well.