Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry Feels Lucky

20 Oct 2012

Matthew Perry is a ''lucky guy'' who is very happy with his life

Matthew Perry is a ''lucky guy''. Despite three rehab stints and a 2000 hospitalisation for alcohol-related pancreatitis, former Friends star Matthew, who is now winning rave reviews for his work in Go On, is happy with where he is in his life.

He said: ''The key is to enjoy the ups and not have the downs get you too down. I really am a lucky guy.''

Matthew also revealed he has learned to control his expectations when it comes to work and he knows it is unlikely anything else he does will live up to the success of Friends.

He explained in an interview with People magazine: ''I was on one show where I was on a billboard and then after like three or four weeks they took my face down and replaced it with a white board. So I've learned not to be invested in any kind of results.

''Friends was a magical thing and no one's going to ever have anything like that again. You just have to search for good projects.''

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