Matt Jolley

The man behind Mahiki, one of Dubai's most successful clubs
Sunday , 20 March 2016
Matt Jolley
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Matt Jolley
• When Flash Entertainment asked us to host the Artists’ Area backstage at Du Arena for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix concerts, we transformed this piece of concrete into a slice of Mahiki tropical paradise and entertained everyone over the entire weekend, including Enrique Iglesias and Florence + the Machine. Playing ping-pong backstage with the boys from Blur was a highlight.
• Mahiki has won the Ahlan! Award for Best Ladies’ Night, as voted for by the public for four years running. I don’t think any other venue has done that.
• Success comes from paying attention to the details and seeing everything from a guest’s perspective.
• I like to be up early to walk my dogs. Walking gives me time to clear my head and think about all the things I have to do that day. Dogs need a routine, which is great for me as it also makes me manage my schedule.
• King of clubs Piers Adam and I are bringing two of his UK concepts to Dubai. Mahiki is an institution, but you always have to stay one step ahead of the game, so we have some amazing plans to make the party even more fun and inventive.
• I admire Grace Jones – she’s never been afraid to be who is she and never apologises for it. A few years back, she came to my birthday party with Philip Treacy and sang Happy Birthday. I could have died happy there and then. 
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