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Mahiki’s status as the port of call for unpretentious fun got the British royal seal of approval
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 19 March 2015
Matt Jolley
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The Dubai stone is not a myth. 2014 also marks the year I gained back all the weight I had lost previously. The Mac’n’Cheese bites at Mahiki are so moreish. 
You can really enjoy the great outdoors in Dubai. I take my dogs for long walks, love the beach, go paddle-boarding and I’m learning to kite surf. 
Good manners cost nothing. That’s some of the best advice I have received; both career-wise and personally. 
I need to stop getting caught up in my hectic work schedule. I am determined to make more time for my friends in 2015.  
Mahiki Dubai has become an institution since it opened in 2011. We’ve welcomed Nicole Scherzinger, Christian Louboutin, Liam Gallagher and Prince Harry (not all at the same time!) as our guests in the last 12 months, which has encouraged us to take our Tiki paradise to new shores, with Mahiki Africa set to open later this year, followed by a branch in Miami. We’re also looking into suitable spots in European party towns. 

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