The Material Girl is Back

02 Nov 2011

Madge prepares for her 30 year anniversary concert

Wow, thirty years of being in the limelight of the music industry and Madonna looks better than ever! Unlike her brother, who we reported last week is poor and living under a bridge, Madge has gone from strength to strength over her three decade career. The 53-year-old has now officially announced that her comeback concert will be at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Our source says the singer is, “ready to jump back into the saddle and thinks there’s no better time to do it than when London hosts the Olympics.”

The concert will preview her anniversary album, on which  Madge has worked with a whole host of musicians from Lady Gaga to Nicki Minaj to M.I.A.

Madonna has sold more than 300million records worldwide and earned a fortune of Dhs2.3 billion since her first hit Holiday in 1984.

The style icon, who is famous for her controversial cone bras in the 1980’s, has even turned her hand to fashion, setting up clothing label Material Girl with her daughter Lourdes, 15.

The pair are looking for the new face of their Material Girl clothing line and released a tongue-in-cheek video on Youtube. Past faces of the brand sold at Macy’s include Kelly Osbourne and Taylor Momsen, but this time they have opened their talent hunt to the public.

The mother and daughter show their wicked humour on the spoof clip. “When I started off and people called me the ‘Material Girl’, it was meant to be ironic. Not to be meant to be taken seriously. I can’t live that name down now,” Madonna jokes. “People think I am a superficial person, and I am not. I love horses, I love flowers. I don’t love hydrangeas. I love nature, trees, animals, I don’t love all animals.”

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