MasterChef the TV Experience restaurant is opening in Dubai

17 Apr 2019

There are cool surprises for diners

The world’s first “MasterChef, the TV Experience” restaurant will launch in Dubai at Millennium Place Marina and yes, we are looking forwar to dining there. Who doesn't love the TV series?!

In-fact, did you know that MasterChef won the Guinness World Record last year for being most successful cookery television format? Fun fact of the day.

30 winners across three countries contributed to creating the initial menu for the restaurant, and diners can see those dishes being prepared in the open-plan kitchen. Nice touch. 


MasterChef the TV Experience restaurant also has a few surprises in store for viewers wanting to immerse themselves in the TV experience: guests will have the opportunity to be part of the 'Mystery Box Challenge' - with a small twist. Basically, it is their signature dish, and diners are brought the box and can choose five out of 10 ingredients.

It will be the chef’s job then to cook a dish within 45 minutes and there will be a clock ticking there for all to see amd the ingredients will differ based on days, weeks and seasons and the recipes will vary. 

Cannot wait for this - doors open on April 30.