Massage delivery!

Stressed at work already? Here's something to show your boss...
Sunday , 06 January 2008

Kevin from finance won't stop banging on about the petty cash receipts. Sue from reception's lost your FedEx package and her kid's running round like a headless chicken, asking for biscuits. You've just replied to the nineteenth email about the email you forgot to email before Christmas and worst of all, you have no idea what to do for dinner tonight! Arrrrgh. The holidays are definitely over.

Sometimes, we need a little something/something, just to get us through the day - and it's a little something/something that no quick trip to the loo for a breather will offer. Well,... you'll be pleased to know that this is where the Natural Healing Wellness Spa comes in. These clever peeps have come up with the idea of coming to you for a massage, so you don't have to interrupt your busy day!

Using a range of techniques to release stress and provide instant relief, a fully trained therapist will come to your office, waltz past your boss, set up camp and go about beating your stress nodes (whatever they are). To avoid discomfort after the massage, and the mess of a sticky patch on your swivel seat, you remain fully clothed and no oils are used at all.

The whole thing takes just 10 to 15 minutes and focuses on your back and neck, getting rid of those sore spots you've inevitably re-inherited, thanks to your computer. What a fabulous idea, eh? Sounds highly addictive to us... and, oh, they might well snicker at your extravagance, but you know darn well that as soon as you get your own office masseuse, strolling in with her magic hands and kneading you back to magnificence, everyone else will want one.

Better watch out - your whole place of employment might just turn into the local spa. That's something for Kevin to put on the petty cash books next year.

So, what are the benefits?

· Promotes a sense of well being
· Lowers pulse and blood pressure
· Balances the nervous system
· Is an immediate stress buster!
· Reduces occurrence of stress related illness

· Increase positive thinking
· Boosts energy and vitality
· Reduce vulnerability to colds coughs and flu
· Improves memory
· Makes a more productive and happier employee!

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