Masoomeh and Badru Hilal

Arabian Ranches
Monday , 24 September 2012

It’s no surprise that Masoomeh Hilal’s Arabian Ranches home would sit comfortably within the pages of Emirates Home magazine – she’s partner and co-owner of interior design specialist firm M Design. During the four years that Masoomeh, husband Badru and children Laila and Saif have lived there, she has put her own distinctive mark on the property.
Masoomeh’s art – which she admits is her biggest extravagance when it comes to interiors – and accessories formed the basis for the rest of the décor. “Being an interior designer,” admits Masoomeh, “I have the advantage of being able to source anything I want.” However, she sentimentally cites a tea set passed on by her grandmother as one of her favourite pieces (she also adores her glass coffee table).
The designer says that the TV lounge is the room in which her family spends most time... and the fact that it connects with the kitchen is an added bonus for this self-confessed foodie.