Marvin Humes Wants More Kids

Marvin Humes dishes that he imagines him and wife Rochelle Humes with a large family
Marvin Humes Wants More Kids
Marvin and Rochelle Humes

Marvin Humes wants more kids.

The 28-year-old singer had his first child, daughter Alaia-Mai in May, with his wife Rochelle Humes, is keen to have a big family and can imagine himself with four little ones.

He said: "I would love three or four kids, but I don't want to put a time on it."

The JLS star, who is busy working on the band's upcoming farewell tour and is a DJ on London's Capital FM radio station, is finding balancing work commitments and family difficult but is lucky to have the support of his and Rochelle's parents.

He told Star magazine: "We're lucky that both of our parents live nearby and we can get help from them. Rochelle and I are both so busy but we're managing to juggle it."

Marvin has been blissfully happy since the birth of his daughter and is pleased that she has been developing well.

He gushed: "At six weeks Alaia-Mai's just started to smile now. She wakes up and she's beaming."

The Saturdays star Rochelle has been living in a joyous "bubble" and thinks the tiny tot is a dream child because she hardly disturbs them during the night.

She previously said: "It's going well, she only wakes up once in the night so great so far ... We've been living in a bubble."

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