Martin Beck

The photographer making heroes of the UAE's common folk
Monday , 21 March 2016
Martin Beck
Martin Beck
• In 2015 I finished and exhibited my We Can Be Heroes project, which captures real people – non-models – in everyday scenarios dressed in superhero attire. The message is that we are all heroes – maybe not in comic books, but to our families and friends, and that’s what counts. 
• The UAE has a lot to offer the expat: the lovely winter weather, the safety and the security. My mornings start with an early run along the beach, followed by a healthy breakfast. During the day I’m either flat-out working or flat-out chilling. I like to end each day with a wee dram, or a trip to one of Dubai’s very rare indie rock nights.
• You know what? The key to success is to simply get your finger out and stop procrastinating. But the biggest lesson I’ve learned in my industry is not to place too much importance on the opinions of others. 
• My main goals are not career-orientated at all. I strive to work hard, but, more importantly, I want to be a great father, husband and friend. 
• My hero is Nelson Mandela. He gave so much of his life for others’ freedom. 
Instagram: @martinbeck68