Markus Schulz Speaks to Ahlan! Ahead of His Zero Gravity Show

Markus Schulz Speaks to Ahlan! Ahead of His Zero Gravity Show

11 May 2016

We met the German DJ ahead of Zero Gravity's One Big Friday Festival

Markus Schulz is back to headline Zero Gravity’s One Big Friday festival this Friday May 13. After a sellout gig at the beach club one year ago, the German powerhouse DJ is expected to draw more than 6,000 people to the full day event, which also features Wankelmut and Chicane.

Markus has floored audiences at the world’s biggest music festivals, including Transmission, Creamfields, Global Gathering, EDC, Ultra and Tomorrowland, and polled four consecutive years inside DJ Mag’s world top 10. He’s an IDMA Best American DJ winner, a two-time holder of DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ crown, and has just released his first album, Watch The World.

As Markus heads to Dubai, Ahlan! asks him the important questions, like how he likes his steak and whether he’s prefer to watch Miley twerk or sing…

INFO: One Big Friday takes place at Zero Gravity this Friday, May 13. Entry is free before 6pm and AED 150 thereafter. Tickets at


1.       Who has better curves Kim Kardashian or Khloé Kardashian? - Kim

2.       Who’s more talented Taylor Swift or Beyonce? - Beyonce

3.       Armani or Versace? - Armani

4.       Calvin Harris or Zedd? - Calvin Harris

5.       Matt Damon or Leo DiCaprio? - Matt Damon, but they’re both great

6.       PS4 or Xbox One? - Xbox One

7.       Who is the best rapper Jay Z or Kanye West? - Jay Z

8.       Gwyneth Paltrow or Chris Martin? - Chris Martin, I’m a big Coldplay fan

9.       Would you rather see Miley Cyrus twerking or hear Miley Cyrus singing? - Twerking

10.   Would you rather party in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? - Dubai

11.   X Factor or American Idol? - Idol, it certainly lasted longer in the US

12.   Would you rather ride in a limo or catch a cab or ride the subway? - Cab, I’m not hugely high maintenance, and it is peaceful enough to get into the right mindset before performing

13.   Where would you want to retire? - At a special venue or location that could hold all my friends. Could choose many, but I guess being a Miami native would point towards one final night at my spiritual home of Club Space.

14.   Gold, silver or platinum? - Platinum

15.   Do you like vegetarians? - Of course, no problem with them at all

16.   What is your nickname? - Unicorn slayer

17.   Do you believe in UFOs? - No

18.   Who is the last person you went to dinner with? - My tour crew and staff on the road with me in Washington DC

19.   Has your world ever been rocked? - Lots of times

20.   Favourite magazine in the UAE? - Since you kindly interviewed me, I’ll say Ahlan!

21.   Are you in love? - The answer is in my new Watch the World album

22.   Favourite colour? - Black

23.   How do you like your steak? - Medium

24.   Team Jolie or Team Aniston? - Team Aniston

25.   David Beckham in his underwear or Cee-Lo Green in Speedos? - Beckham, sure why not

26.   Coffee or tea? - Coffee

27.   Blondes or Brunettes? - Both!

28.   McDonalds or Burger King? - Burger King

29.   North West or Blue Ivy? - Blue Ivy

30.   Committed relationship or player for life? - A player at heart but moving in the other direction

31.   Morning or night? - Night

32.   Is Kanye a genius or a massive idiot? - Both

33.   Worst celeb you’ve met? - Christopher Walken

34.   Best celeb you’ve met? - Jay Pharoah

35.   What superpower do you want? - Invisibility, so I can spy

36.   Worst job you’ve ever had? - My early DJ career playing in the top 40 clubs, I got burnt out

37.   Team Jen or Team Ange? - You guys must love them, asking twice! Jen

38.   Dubai or Vegas? - Vegas, but only because I’ve been there so many more times

39.   Last time you laughed out loud? - Watching Smokey and the Bandit again recently

40.   How do you want to be remembered? - As someone who was privileged to be able to connect with so many incredibly wonderful and passionate people through the medium of music, made melodies and wrote words that changed peoples’ lives, and paid tribute to the art of DJing with dignity and grace.

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