Mark Wahlberg is bringing his business to the Middle East!

We hope you're hungry, because the famous Wahlberg brothers are about to feed us...
ByAndre NevelingWednesday , 19 August 2015
Mark Wahlberg is bringing his business to the Middle East!
Mark Wahlberg is bringing his burgers to town!

Actor Mark Wahlberg is planning to bring his family’s popular restaurant, Wahlburgers, which currently has 70 restaurants in the chain, to the Middle East region! The restaurant chain is owned by Mark and his two brothers, Donnie (from New Kids on the Block fame) and Paul.

Mark told Hollywood Reporter: “We have almost 70 restaurants under contract right now, with various franchisees and deals in different places. I think we will have nine or 10 open by the end of the year in places like Fenway Park in Boston and airports in Philly and New York. We also just made a deal in the Middle East for 20 restaurants,” he added.

Reality TV fans will be well aware that Wahlburgers has its very own reality show in the United States. Mark recently revealed that the show has been good for the business, making the brand even more popular. So it's no surprise that its coming to the Middle East! Woop! We're looking forward to welcoming to guys in person at the launches. 

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