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Mark Hamill thrills a Star Wars fan with an R2-D2-style prosthetic arm

09 Mar 2020

He surprised the 11-year-old

Mark Hamill has thrilled a Star Wars fan with a video chat after learning she had become the first girl in history to be fitted with an R2-D2-style prosthetic arm.

Brit Bella Tadlock, 11, posted video of herself receiving the bionic arm - designed in the style of the Star Wars droid R2-D2 - on Twitter, and when Luke Skywalker himself found the footage he set up a video chat surprise.

The big surprise took place earlier this week and during the conversation, Bella gave her biggest fan a demonstration of her new arm and asked Hamill to name his favourite Star Wars film - a question he confessed was too difficult to answer, stating, "It's like saying, 'Who's your favourite brother or who's your favourite sister'."

The actor ended the chat with his immortal Skywalker line, "May the force be with you, always."