Mark, 24, from Netflix show Love Is Blind, talks in the pod on the couch

Mark from Love Is Blind has proved that he's a top guy no matter what happens

02 Mar 2020


Our beloved 24-year-old from Netflix's smash show, Love Is Blind seems to be holding no grudges, if his Instagram is anything to go by. 

Mark was jilted on the finale of Love Is Blind, with Jessica ditching him at the alter, but it seems like he doesn't feel any hostility, as he's posted comments on her Instagram photos. 

A post by Jessica Batten, on her Instagram shows a gallery of images behind the scenes during filming of the 10-episode series, and underneath it, Mark has commented, about one of their dates. 

Jessica says 'Swipe to see footage of a really fun date over ATL!'

To which Mark has replied on his verified account, 'coldest date of all time' with a smiley-face. 

It looks like he doesn't have any hard feelings following what happened on the finale, proving just how decent a guy he is. 

Mark from Love Is Blind has proved that he's a top guy no matter what happens

Jessica and Mark's relationship was one of the most volatile on the show, with Jessica often citing the age difference of 10 years as an obstacle. 

It doesn't mean they're getting back together however, as Mark told the New York Post that he reached out to her in a message but didn't hear back. 

Netflix has said there will be a reunion special out on March 5 to update on the characters. 

You can see Jessica's Instagram here. 

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