Mariam Yeya

The media expert turned fashion-designer receiving international accolades for her debut collection
Wednesday , 05 April 2017
Mariam Yeya
Mariam Yeya
  • I launched my fashion line, Mrs Keepa, in May 2016, and had amazing recognition from local media and international fashion magazines. I also successfully launched my second collection SS017.

  • I was a media expert for 12 years, working as Executive Director for Rotana Media Services, and in 2013 I decided to shift career to pursue my all-time dream in fashion and enrolled at Esmod Dubai for their one-year diploma programme. 

  • I’m all things for the Mrs Keepa line: fashion designer, art director and stylist – 

  • I’m a control freak over all business aspects, which is stressful, but I like to take full responsibility for my own vision. 

  • “Fashion should be fun and not something to stress about!” – I once heard this at a social gathering and it inspired me so much as I was the kind of person who would judge someone for a bad sense of style (yes, unfortunately I was that mean). I learned that there’s no right or wrong in fashion as it is people’s way of expressing themselves through their choice of clothes. What you might perceive as a very eye-annoying outfit is someone’s favourite style and vice versa. 

Instagram: @mrskeepa @mrskeepaofficial