Mariah Carey's Daughter Has Mum's Talent

The four-year-old could be set for a musical career
ByMashal AbbasiTuesday , 22 March 2016
Mariah Carey's Daughter Has Mum's Talent
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Looks like talent runs in the family

Mariah Carey's four-year-old daughter Monroe could be set for a music career, as she can already sing like her famous mother.

The We Belong Together singer takes her little girl and twin brother Moroccan around the world on tour with her and says her daughter has picked up some of the music skills which have helped her mother sell more than 50 million albums.

However Mariah doesn't want to pressure her offspring into showbusiness, despite feeling that Monroe has a future in music.

"She was singing last night with her friend," she tells Britain's Sunday Times Style magazine. "I can tell she has a really good ear - she can mimic what I can do. But she's only four and a half. And it's not fair for me to push it on her, so I am allowing her to be who she is. At the moment, she would rather be silly with it.''

The R&B superstar has also carved out a career in acting and named her daughter after iconic Hollywood superstar Marilyn Monroe. Monroe is yet to watch any of her namesake's films yet though.

''She knows she is named after Marilyn and she can recognise her in pictures, but I haven't shown her the movies yet," Mariah says. "They are into Disney and Halloween.''

Mariah had a difficult pregnancy with Monroe and Moroccan, suffering from the pregnancy induced blood disorder pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes while carrying the twins.

Despite being advised by doctors to have the twins, who were born in April 2011, induced at 33 weeks the singer decided to continue her pregnancy for longer so her babies would not be placed in separate incubators after their birth.

"I wanted to keep them with me as long as I could, which was until 35 weeks, and that worked out well," she says.

Mariah is separated from Moroccan and Monroe's father, American television personality Nick Cannon, and recently found love again with Australian billionaire James Packer. The couple, who met in the ski resort of Aspen, Colorado, announced their engagement in January, and are reportedly set to wed over the summer. 

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