Mariah Carey’s Infidelity Crisis!

Why she's paranoid about Nick Cannon's loyalty
Tuesday , 16 August 2011
Mariah Carey’s Infidelity Crisis!
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

After recently reporting about Mariah Carey’s mini meltdown on the Home Shopping Network, its rumoured her personal life has taken a turn for the worse with sources claiming the singing legend is feeling paranoid about her husband Nick Cannon’s loyalty.

While reports suggest the 41-year-old has struggled to cope after given birth to twins Monroe and Moroccan, it’s feared the suspected infidelities will prove too much.

A friend said, “Mariah and Nick have been plagued by reports of disagreements rocking their three-year marriage. She is still feeling insecure about her excess baby weight and is almost beside herself with worry that Nick could stray.”

Nick was renowned for his womanising ways before tying the knot with Mariah. And now some claim he’s chasing America’s Got Talent competitor Lys Agnes.

A source added, “I think she fears Nick’s wandering eye – once a cheater, always a cheater – and she zeroes in on his infatuation with gorgeous Lys. He raves about her constantly and talks about the fact that Lys’ voice is nearly as beautiful as hers. He makes comments about how Lys reminds him of a young Mariah. Meanwhile, Mariah’s struggling to shed her baby weight. She feels unattractive and needs more TLC from Nick. But it’s as if he’s too caught up in Lys and his show to even notice!”

“Mariah and Nick seem to be struggling under a mountain of problems,” said the close source. “Their once-fairytale romance is in danger of unravelling because of Mariah’s fears and insecurities.”