Marcel Khairallah

Ensuring Traffik 360 is heading in the right direction
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 19 March 2015
Marcel Khairallah

Below-the-line advertising is subtle and engaging. 
Email campaigns, point-of-sale material, business gifts, brand activations and promotional products would all fall under our remit. 
We provide our clients 360-degree, all-encompassing solutions. That might be why I have won the Arabian Business Start-Up SME Leadership of the Year award and become the youngest elected board member for IGC Global Promotions. 
Expansion plans are always afoot. We have opened a new branch in Egypt this year and intend to open two more branches in 2015. Then we’ll have the MENA region fully covered.
Riding my bike on Jumeirah Beach Road relaxes me. Stopping for a coffee en route and taking in the sunset is a pretty special Dubai experience.
Never work with friends. It’s a guaranteed way of destroying your friendship. 
Don’t make important decisions when you’re nervous. Count to 10, take your time.  
I have an entrepreneurial streak. That’s why I opened an Italian restaurant, Dottore, in Lebanon. Stay tuned for the second branch in Dubai soon. 

Both these sites feature very techy and innovative gadgets that I love learning about.
INSTAGRAM: mirjanakphotography
My wife Mirjana is a photographer; I love seeing pictures from her shoots.
FACEBOOK: Nestle, Unilever and Microsoft
I usually follow our clients’ accounts.