The (many, many) men in Sienna's life

Shocked by her split from Rhys Ifans? Looking at this list, you shouldn't be!
Wednesday , 02 July 2008
The (many, many) men in Sienna's life

Orlando Bloom
Dated: 2001 2006

The pretty pair dated before their careers really took off, when Sienna was just 19, but remained friends after the split. And it was her headline-grabbing smooching with Orly at a polo match in 2006, at the height of her then fiancée Jude's nanny-gate affair, that saw rumours emerge that the pair had rekindled their romance.

Jude Law

Dated: 2003-2006

They hooked up whilst filming the mega-flop Alfie, and got engaged in January 2005 after he presented her with a nine-diamond ring, with Miller declaring, "We love each other desperately!" However, when news of Jude's affair with his children's nanny, Daisy Wright, broke -with a pal saying, "He completely blames her for what he has done" - they split, got back together, then split for good in 2006.

Daniel Craig

Dated: 2005

Sisi famously hooked up with the hunky Brit Bond star after they appeared in Layer Cake together, but kept quiet about their relationship as she was in the middle of reconciling with cheating Jude at the time.

Although she insisted, "There's nothing going on between me and Daniel", when Jude found out about the dalliance he was furious with his then-friend, Daniel.

Leonardo DICaprio
Dated: 2005

Yet another way to get back at Jude, Sienna is rumoured to have enjoyed a brief fling with the actor just after she got back with Jude in 2005.
Seen cosying up to Leo at LA's Mood Club, a clubber revealed, "Sienna was getting very cosy with him. They spent most of the night huddled in a corner. They both went to great lengths to make sure they were not photographed together."

Hayden Christensen
Dated: 2006

Whilst filming Factory Girl together, this pair kept the paps guessing about the nature of their relationship, but pals of the actress say that Hayden fell hard for Sisi.

"Hayden was a brilliant shoulder to cry on when she finally split from Jude Law," said an insider. "Hayden is besotted with Sienna but, I'm not sure she totally reciprocates his feelings... he thinks he's in love."

James Franco

Dated: 2007

Sisi broke Lindsay Lohan's heart when she allegedly hooked up with her Camille co-star whilst the pair were filming in Toronto.

Whilst LiLo went to rehab to get over her infatuation, on-set sources revealed that Sienna and James looked "very into each other" when they went out for dinner and to a concert together.

P Diddy
Dated: 2007

Sienna drew criticism when she was spotted hanging out with the rap mogul in New York, as Diddy's long-term girlfriend Kim Porter had recently given birth to their new twins and the pair's relationship was on the rocks.

Spotted entering an NY hotel with Diddy at 5am after hours of partying, the actress denied any involvement, insisting, "He's just a good friend."

Jamie Burke
Dated: 2007

Sienna and the model ex of Kate Moss, enjoyed a brief summer fling in the summer of 2007.

Famously papped topless on a beach in Mexico alongside a guitar-strumming Jamie, Sienna and Jamie's fling ended when he refused to attend her Factory Girl premiere in March 2007 after hearing that she'd been out partying the night before with Rhys Ifans. A pal of Sisi's insisted, "She was on the rebound and wanted some fun."

Josh Hartnett

Dated: 2007

He's dated every other starlet in T-Town, so it was only a matter of time before lothario Josh got round to Sienna. The pair met in LA and partied together at the Chateau Marmont. And although Miller's rep insisted, "They were just hanging out," insiders insist that the pair were together.

Rhys Ifans
Dated: 2007-2008

Kate Moss famously told Sisi she'd "have an enemy for life" if she hurt the actor, and Sienna earned the super's wrath when she ditched Rhys, last month.

Claiming, "I really thought I was very ready [to settle down], and then I realised that I want to be selfish for a little bit longer," Sienna dropped her fiancé amid rumours she had hooked up (again) with her The Edge Of Love co-star, Matthew Rhys.

Matthew Rhys

Dated: 2006 2007

As Sienna and Matthew play lovers in their new flick, The Edge Of Love - and had dated before she started dating Rys Ifans - it was only a matter of time before the pair rekindled their love.

Although both stars deny that they're dating, an insider revealed, "This is the first bloke Sienna has been serious with since she finally split with Jude."