Manuel Ayas & Antonio Gonzalez

The Spaniards making their mark on the hospitality scene
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 19 March 2015
Manuel Ayas & Antonio Gonzalez
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El Sur, Story Rooftop Lounge and Provocateur are three of our projects. Dubai’s nightlife scene has developed rapidly; on an early visit I saw the potential this city had and wanted to capitalise on it.
AYAS Nightlife Consultants is one of our companies that helps investors in the high-end and luxury nightclub sphere. Our clients include Armani/Privé and Allure. It’s an exciting, dynamic industry, one we’ve grown up in and continue to love for its opportunities and the mix of people involved in it. 
The 7,000sq ft Provocateur was opened amid huge international and local media attention. The hype was enormous as Four Seasons Dubai is such an iconic venue and the club’s New York outpost has built such a loyal following. 
International expansion is very much on the cards for us in 2015. We are targeting Europe, the USA, Asia and South America. 

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