Man's tweet saves sister from human traffickers in the UAE

Find out how social media saved an Indian expat
ByShreya BhatiaThursday , 27 August 2015
Man's tweet saves sister from human traffickers in the UAE
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A man’s desperate tweet to the Indian external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj, let to the rescue of his sister, who was being held captive in Al Ain by a human trafficking gang.

On August 21, Dev Tamboli tweeted: “Need help for rescuing my sister from UAE. She went to UAE for a job on 14th but now locked up in a room. Please contact.”

“She has been kept captive with some other girls. And are even beaten Pls help,” he tweeted again.

The next morning, the Indian minister tweeted back and promised to intervene. On 22 August she tweeted: “I have asked our ambassador in the UAE to help. He will speak to you and do the needful.”

According to Gulf News, Dev Tamboli, who works in Qatar, said that as soon as he received the tweet, he got a phone call from the Indian envoy to the UAE, T.P. Seetharam. On learning about the incident, the Al Ain police and a few embassy officials made a joint effort to find the victim and rescue her from the trafficking ring.

On the same day, Indian external affairs minister tweeted back to Dev Tamboli with positive news. She said: “We have rescued your sister with the help of local police. She is being moved to a shelter home run by the Indian embassy.” Dev Tamboli was thrilled with the news and said: “My sister is safe now and soon after finishing some formalities, she will be sent home. I am thankful to UAE and Indian authorities for all the help.”

Dev’s sister had come to Dubai with a stewardess training degree and wanted to become an air hostess. However, the 33-year-old got a job as a baby sitter and was even forced to work as a housemaid in Ajman. “When she refused, her agents beat her up. After two days, she was taken to Al Ain where she was locked up along with around 10 other girls. They took her SIM card. Luckily, she had another SIM card and she used it to contact our family in India,” he said.

According to reports, the traffickers planned on transporting the girls to Oman, but were outsmarted by the police before they could do so. “My sister told me she picked up a fistfight with the men and managed to run away. She hid behind bush on the roadside and remained there until she was rescued by the Al Ain Police,” he said.

The Indian ambassador T.P. Seetharam confirmed the incident but did not give any details of the operation. He said: “The police is investigating the matter. I can only confirm that the victim is safe, and we are making arrangements for her safe return home. ” 

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