Manar Mohammed Al Hinai

The writer and autism activist committed to making a difference
ByJasmine BandaliWednesday , 05 March 2014
Manar Mohammed Al Hinai
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Ten years from now… I want to be an internationally known writer, and have raised autism awareness so every home in the country understands its challenges.

It’s been just three years since the Emirati writer entered the journalism arena but her candid and excellently constructed articles musing about life in the UAE have garnered her a huge fan following. With her work frequently published in The National, several regional magazines and additional features posted on her website, Manar has proved herself to be a gifted individual, possessing two key elements for success: a personable nature that allows her to connect to a high-profile network with ease, and the ability to influence her audience by becoming a go-to authority on just about any subject.

 As such, 2013 enabled Manar to make a huge difference to the community, raising awareness about autism in the UAE. Collaborating with the Abu Dhabi Autism Centre to increase their reach within the media by connecting them to various other organisations, Manar also took on a more physical stance for the cause by joining 30 media volunteers to create a public service video about autism, which was screened at Vox Cinemas in the capital. Additionally, Manar worked with designer Tory Burch to put on an exclusive event to benefit fashion students at the facility, with a percentage from limited edition items sold donated to the facility for a series of fashion workshops.