Man Jailed for Installing Hidden Cameras in Dubai Beauty Salon

A woman discovered the cameras in the spa
Monday , 18 January 2016
Man Jailed for Installing Hidden Cameras in Dubai Beauty Salon
Caught on Camera: Be vigilante in spas

Frequent users of beauty salons and spas should be extra vigilante from now on after a harrowing discovery was made in Dubai.

One Dubai beauty salon employee has been sentenced to a minimum of six months in jail by Dubai Criminal Court for having hidden cameras installed in a spa room.

The salon, in Al Muraqqabat, was reported to the law after a woman called police. A policeman said in court: “She said she headed to the salon for a Moroccan bath and when she took off all her clothes she noticed cameras in the corner. She immediately got dressed.”

When the officer investigated the complaint it was discovered that an Afghan employee had installed the cameras so that he could “keep an eye on other employees.”

The woman who was using the spa and spotted the cameras told police that a female employee only informed her of the secret surveillance equipment after she’d already taken her clothes off.

The Afghan man was able to watch the video feed from his mobile phone, but claims he never saw any of the recordings and was told to have the cameras installed by his manager to spy on other workers. He was sentenced and will be deported after serving his six months behind bars.

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