Man Finds Blood-Soaked Bandage In Hotel Meal

He is subsequently suing the establishment for Dhs50 million
ByMashal AbbasiThursday , 03 August 2017
Man Finds Blood-Soaked Bandage In Hotel Meal
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A Landmark hotel is being sued for Dhs50 million by one of the UAE’s foremost bankers.

The banker was hosting a VIP business dinner when he found a bloodied bandage swimming in his meal. He was forced to call off the dinner after most of his guests, who also saw it, were left irritated and disgusted, reports Khaleej Times.

Unfortunately, the matter was unable to be resolved amicably, and the banker’s lawyer Abdullah Al Nasser of Ara’a Group Advocates and Legal Consultants, lodged a civil compensation lawsuit against the hotel for its lack of seriousness in reaching a settlement.

“My client had made arrangements with the hotel to host the VIP business dinner earlier this year. He was left in an embarrassing position in the presence of his guests when the blood-soaked bandage was found in his plate. Upon calling the restaurant’s supervising manager, the latter did not take the matter and its potential consequences seriously and simply offered to provide a free meal. The claimant felt belittled and offended with such an unprofessional reaction.”

“Having already eaten from his plate and afraid of food poisoning, my client later went to a hospital and did the required blood tests. He documented the incident in a formal email that he sent to the hotel’s management, asking them to investigate the matter. The hotel responded via email and admitted that the incident had happened … but they did not take the matter seriously and offered him a complimentary five-night stay,” the lawyer Al Nasser said in his lawsuit.

The hotel failed to take the matter seriously even after a legal notice was sent, which prompted Al Nasser to lodge a civil compensation lawsuit before the Dubai Civil Court.

“The hotel management and that of the restaurant failed to adhere to professional and quality standards in such matters. They failed to apply the hygiene standards set by the health and tourism authorities in Dubai. Supposedly, that blood-soaked bandage was contaminated, my client could have suffered of a dangerous or life-threatening bacteria or disease. In accordance to articles 282, 292 and 293 of the UAE Civil Transactions Law, my client is seeking Dh50 million in compensation against his moral, emotional and material damages,” the lawsuit stated.

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