Make Me a Supermodel

The age-defying secrets of the original catwalk queens
Wednesday , 26 November 2008
Make Me a Supermodel

AGGY, DAISY and DARIA may be fashion’s hottest property right now. But more than a decade after they quit the runway, the original supermodels are still banking big cheques on and off the catwalk. As these iconic fashion queens of the 90s reach their 40’s, Star Style reveals just how they’ve managed to defy the ravages of time...

Cindy Crawford
In her 20s, she was the ultimate supermodel – and two decades later, Cindy Crawford is still cover-girl perfect. Ten years since she last made the cover of French Vogue, the 42-year old American beauty flaunts the body of a woman half her age for the infamous glossy’s December issue. And while the mother-of-two credits her wrinkle-free face to her own age-defying skincare line, Meaningful Beauty (and a dabble with Botox), Cindy maintains her fabulous figure is simply down to sticking to a healthy regime. “Drink lots of water, find a form of exercise you enjoy and don’t smoke” she says. Add that to hiking, hitting the Power Plate regularly and following a high protein diet – could it really be that easy?

Elle Macpherson
Dubbed “The Body,” the five-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl has still got it. And then some! The global brand ambassador for Revlon, 44-year-old Elle attributes her amazing physique to eating organic and exercising whenever she can. “I surf a couple of months of the year and ski in winter. When I’m in London, I do Bikram or Kundalini yoga, or run in the park – I try to do six miles, three or four times a week.” The mum-of-two blitzes wrinkles by using products from her own beauty line, and is super careful about what she eats, confessing, “I’m blood type A, so I run well on rice and veggies. I was a vegan for a long time, but now eat animal protein occasionally. Food is important to me – it’s all about quality, not quantity.”

Claudia Schiffer
As she nears the big 4-0, Claudia has managed to maintain her ageless beauty the natural way. Opting to eat a balanced diet packed with colourful fruit and veg rather than starve herself to stay slim, she says, “Diets destroy your metabolism. I eat three meals a day, and try not to snack in between.” The gorgeous blonde supermodel also loads up on lycopene-rich tomato juice and herbal teas to fill her up in between meals, as well as bumping up her water and fruit intake. To help keep her sickeningly fabulous figure, Claudia is also a fan of celebrity fave, the Power Plate. “I love using it as part of my fitness regime,” confesses the wobble-free 39-year-old. “It helps me do a really intensive workout in such a short space of time.”