MAKE Gets Social

30 Jun 2012

New dining concept is about more than food

Following the success of a series of workshops and events held at the venue, MAKE business hub has announced its social dining concept, ‘Dinner with Ted’, with the second in the series to be held on Wednesday, 4 July.

Previous events have included MAKE Ignition, a technology and web-based event series now in its third installment, MAKE Fashion, an inspiring platform for the fashion-minded community, and MAKE Cinema, a creative outlet bringing together cinema lovers and performers.

‘Dinner with Ted’, the most recent concept at MAKE, gives guests the opportunity to meet new and interesting people while enjoying the most social of activities; dinner, where a three-course meal from MAKE’s signature menu is served.

“The evening marks a shift in the social scene in Dubai, and presents like-minded people with a platform that is built around more than just the food that is served, but more so about the possible connections to be made,” said Leith Matthews, owner and managing director, MAKE business hub.

Having hosted a series of successful business-focused workshops, the hub’s core aim of the Dinner with Ted platform is to bring the growing online MAKE community together in a social offline setting.

“Ted represents upcoming social urban individuals who are making things happen in the city, both small scale and large – he is our mascot for the potential new connection guests can look forward to making at MAKE’s social dining events,” added Leith.



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