Maison Sucre in Abu Dhabi Adds New Sweet Treats to its Menu

28 Jan 2013

Sweet somethings alert! Maison Sucre in Abu Dhabi has revamped its offerings with a creative selection of hand-finished cakes and profiteroles

We love Maison Sucre for their creative cakes, cupcakes and sweets and their latest creations are just what we’ve come to expect from the homegrown boutique bakery. There’s the fantasy-looking macaroon cake topped with cotton candy and the incredible range of Faberge egg-inspired mini cakes with chocolate filling.

The new items are all made from fresh, top-quality ingredients and the confectionary is hand-finished.  Foodies with a sweet-tooth can try the pistachio-flavoured macaroon cake with raspberry crème topping, the almond crème Parisian cake and the cardamom cake. There’s also a new range of profiteroles in rosé, chocolate and vanilla flavours, and the profiterole royal. Adding to Maison Sucre’s bespoke concept the macaroon cake and the profiterole royal can be custom-made in any flavour.

Aside from the new goodies, Maison Sucre is enhancing the designs of some of its existing cakes with embellishments, such as a 24-carat edible gold leaf. The boutique bakery is also boosting its artisan cakes with elaborate designs ideal for special occasions such as weddings and themed parties.

If you want to feel a little less guilty about your indulgence there’s also gluten-free cupcakes and low-fat and diabetic friendly desserts.


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