Maisie Williams Targeted By Online Trolls

Game of Thrones actress victim of cyber bullying
ByClaire GlasbyTuesday , 16 December 2014
Maisie Williams Targeted By Online Trolls
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Maisie Williams

Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams had an "awful time" with online trolls when her career began and insists the problem of Internet bullying is "very serious" for young people.

The British star suffered a "constant stream" of vitriol from detractors on the web when she first established herself in the acting world aged just 12.

Williams has now deleted some of her social media accounts and wants to raise awareness of the issue with her role in new UK TV drama Cyber Bully, in which she plays a teenage girl who is threatened and blackmailed by a computer hacker.

She tells Britain's The Guardian newspaper, "I had an awful time. It was around the time I was starting to act, and I knew exactly who it was, but it was all anonymous. Just awful things. There were people all around me. And I was just stuck in my phone, stuck in this constant stream of what people thought of me. People just get kicks out of making other people sad. No one ever said anything to my face, ever. It was awful.

"One thing we didn't want (Cyber Bully) to be was patronising. I just wanted it to be real... I think it hurts even more. Kids are killing themselves. It's very serious. Why do I need to hear what other people think of me? I'm happy. (Teenage) years are such a strange, strange time, because you're just constantly trying to do the right thing and be liked. Or just go under the radar and fit in. And before you know it, you're being attacked by everyone and it's really scary."