Maid Kills Newborn Baby in Abu Dhabi

She claims to have attempted a homebirth by watching videos on YouTube
Monday , 01 February 2016
Maid Kills Newborn Baby in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi maid claims to have attempted a home birth by watching videos on YouTube

 A maid has been accused of murdering her new-born baby after she attempted a water birth she learned from YouTube.

The cleaner was charged with killing the baby who died moments after being born in the bathroom. She has also been accused of strangling her previous child after getting pregnant out of wedlock as she was worried she would get into trouble over an illegal affair.

The maid stated “I saw many videos on YouTube showing women giving birth in water naturally. I decided to do the same to deliver the baby by myself. I thought it was a safe method. I was so fatigued after delivering the child. She must have accidentally fallen out of my hands and gone into the water. I didn’t kill my child.”

The cleaner’s roommate said she was in the bathroom for a few hours and then emerged covered in blood. She commented that “the maid hadn’t told me about the labour pains nor did she say she delivered a baby. I was shocked to find a dead baby in the bath tub.”

A medical report was released, saying that the baby had suspicious marks on her neck, indicating that she could have be strangled before being drowned.

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