Mahiki Dubai to Launch New Coconut Lounge

Dubai hotspot to add a light evening offering
ByJack Hardwick Tuesday , 16 September 2014
Mahiki Dubai to Launch New Coconut Lounge
Mahiki is set to open the Coconut Lounge this week

One of our favourite dining and party destinations in Dubai, Mahiki, is set to extend its ever popular offering with the addition of a Coconut Lounge.

Opening on 20 September, the lounge aims to transport guests to a "tropical paradise" offering a more lighter side of the Polynesian themed escape.

The Coconut Lounge will offer a range of gourmet bites and sweet dishes, including Fish Finger Sandwiches with Tartar Sauce, Meaty Wagyu Sliders served with Truffle Mayonnaise as well as fresh Canadian Lobster Rolls, transporting your taste buds all the way to the exotic cuisine of Polynesia

But it's not all about the exquisite food, the lounge will still offer Mahiki's signature drinks under costumed seashell lights, allowing guests to unwind and indulge in an tikki-themed atmosphere.

The Coconut Lounge launch will be marked with a Hawaiian-inspired event on Saturday 20 September, so make sure to get your flower necklaces out and your bamboo skirts on, for yet another brilliant night at the hotspot

Info: Launch 20 September, 7pm – late, Open Monday,Wednesday and Saturday, +971 4 380 7731,

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