Madonna's Indian karaoke session

And in front of royalty, no less...
Sunday , 06 January 2008

Pop superstar MADONNA sang karaoke for an Indian Maharaja during her low key visit to the Asian country. Yes, karaoke!

The singer and her husband Guy Ritchie celebrated New Year's Eve in India and spent several days at a 17th-century heritage resort called Rohet Garh, close to the city of Jodhpur, where they attended traditional festivities.

And she put on an impromptu show to thank Maharaja Gaj Singhji II for his hospitality.

She says, "It was great to be in royal company.

"Lourdes and Rocco were in awe of him - they kept hugging him. It was fabulous, we sang karaoke for him."

And Madge admits the trip has inspired her.

She adds, "Indian music is very groovy. I might release a fusion track."

Yeah Madge! We're looking forward to it already!