Madonna's Beauty Secret

Ahlan! grabbed five minutes with her Madjesty to find out how she looks so stunning 24/7 and got her dishing on her first fragrance Truth or Dare too
Tuesday , 10 July 2012
Faces, Dhs282
Faces, Dhs282
Madonna behind-the-scenes at her Truth or Dare shoot
Madonna behind-the-scenes at her Truth or Dare shoot
Madge up close
Madge up close

She’s a lean, mean pop machine who’s maintained her allure and a sculpted figure and face that most 53-year-olds would be thrilled with. So, amid world tours and perfume launches, how does she do it? Ahlan! grabbed five minutes with her Madjesty to find out…

Tell us about your beauty routine.
First, you have to take care of your body: your skin, your hair, your overall health. Exercise and good nutrition is essential. Sweat everyday! You can’t cover yourself in products and call that beauty. You have to start with a fresh, clean canvas.

But are there products that you always carry with you?
Lip balm, face spray and perfume.

You recently launched your first fragrance, Truth or Dare – but what was your signature scent before you had your own branded perfume?
Truth or Dare is the culmination of the scents I prefer, so for most of my life I have worn some sort of version of my favourite ingredients, like gardenia, jasmine or tuberose.


How much input did you have in the development of Truth or Dare? 
I was deeply involved in every stage of the project, from fragrance direction to bottle design to merchandising. We spent a lot of time testing the ‘juices’ on our skins, because everyone wears fragrance a different way. Lourdes was a tough critic, she’s like me in that she knows what she likes and will keep at it till it’s as near to perfection as can be. 

What’s your top beauty tip?
Confidence and self-awareness; beauty comes from within – a knowledge of one’s inner self. Beauty is authenticity.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
Thank God I’m alive.

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