Madonna VS Lourdes!

As her 13-year-old protégé threatens to overshadow her, Madge fears she may have created a monster...
Wednesday , 16 December 2009
Lourdes Leon
Lourdes Leon

Madonna has never shied away from putting her eldest daughter, Lourdes in the spotlight. Making her stage debut at aged six, appearing alongside her mother, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV Awards, Lourdes has grown up in front of the camera. But, as the teen’s taste for fame increases – with recent appearances in her mum’s Celebration video and on stage on the closing night of her recent Sticky Sweet world tour, Madge is having trouble controlling the headstrong teen as she attempts to step out from her mum’s shadow...

Attention-seeking backfires
As the queen of controversy, Madonna was no doubt expecting to raise eyebrows with her decision to feature Lourdes in her recent video for track Celebration. With the young teen dolled up in heavy make-up, a veil and white lace gloves, the provocative images were reminiscent of Madonna performing her classic track Like A Virgin, circa 1985.

But insiders say Madonna failed to predict that including Lourdes in the video would garner negative comparisons between the youthful teen and her 51-year-old self.

“Getting old is hard enough for a control freak like my sister to deal with,” said Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone. “Then to have a really smart and pretty daughter like Lola coming up behind her – frankly I don’t know how she’s going to deal with it.”

‘You’re embarrassing, mum!’
As Madonna – who was recently snapped with a bizarre puffy face, indicating surgery – attempts to hang on to her youth, insiders say Lourdes is quick to shoot the ageing star down. “It’s very interesting to see the way Lourdes speaks to her mother,” said a pal. “She is the only person I’ve ever seen be rude to her. Mostly it’s typical teenage stuff – ‘Oh Mum, you’re so embarrassing’ and the like – but compared with the way everyone else tiptoes around her, it’s almost incredible to watch. “

While another family friend added, “In the past couple of years Lola has grown six inches, so she’s actually taller than her mum now. It’s fair to say in that time there has been an obvious change in the dynamic between them”

The insider added, “Lola is a young lady who knows what she wants and will fight tooth-and-nail to get it. She is the only person I know who answers back to Madonna and gets away with it.”

Insiders say ‘Their Future Is A Time Bomb’
Madge’s brother Christopher – who describes their relationship as a “ticking time bomb” – predicts even more friction as Lourdes grows up.

“The unfolding of their relationship over the next 10 years ought to be interesting, particularly given Madonna’s competitive streak,” said Christopher. “How is she going to deal with being overshadowed by her own daughter? She can’t fire her like she does everyone else who threatens or disagrees with her.” Adding, “If Lola’s got a brain in her head, she’s going to rebel in a big way at some point. Having to deal with the kind of discipline Madonna applies to her own life . . . you’ve got to think at some point that she’s going to start fighting back, because it’s tough.”