Madonna In The Studio

Queen of pop's 30th anniversary special
Wednesday , 10 August 2011
Madonna In The Studio

I can reveal, Madonna is planning a bumper album release for 2012 to coincide with her 30 years in the music industry.

According to sources, the pop singer is hoping she’ll bag herself a US number one hit because she hasn’t topped the charts since the year 2000.

And, according to sources, Madonna is re-mixing some of her biggest songs – including her 1982 breakthrough tracks Everybody and Holiday – as well as a whole host of new commercial tracks.

My source tells me, “Madonna is going all out for her 30th anniversary album. She’s working with Lady Gaga and a number of top producers to make sure she gets the right sound this time.”

“She started work in the studio this month and has blocked out a good six months to get some writing and recording done.”

“She’s put the finishing touches to her W.E project so is now focusing on making her next studio album the best for at least ten years.”

And, according to sources, she’s lined up a number of meetings with Cheryl Cole’s mentor

My source adds, “Will may end up producing some of Madonna’s tracks.”

“Although nothing is confirmed yet I’m sure he might try and get Cheryl on board working with her.”

Sounds interesting guys, make sure you watch this space as I certainly can’t wait for Madonna’s latest album...