Rocco Ritchie pictured walking with a female friend  in North London the day after a night out with Mumma Madge

Madonna Stands by Her Son Rocco

05 Dec 2016

The singer is standing by her wild child teenage son after he got arrested for possessing drugs

He hit the headlines this year for being at the centre of a bitter custody battle between his famous parents, and now it’s been revealed that Rocco Ritchie was arrested for possession of drugs in September.

Pictures have emerged of Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s 16-year-old son undergoing a police body search in London on 28 September and being subsequently busted for having a small amount of an illegal substance in his backpack. The teenager and a pal were hanging out near his director father’s house in London’s posh Primrose Hill when police swooped in after reportedly being tipped off about Rocco’s drugs usage. Luckily for the youngster, he won’t get a criminal record as a result of the arrest, but it will be kept on file.

Maternal Madge

With Rocco’s arrest now coming to light, pop icon Madonna has publicly shown her support for her son, who she formerly described as a ‘wild child’. She said: “I love my son very much. I will do whatever I can to give him the support that he needs, and I ask that you respect our privacy at this time.”

Despite Madge standing by him after his run-in with the law, Rocco appeared to make a public dig at her on Instagram this week. Commenting on a video of his famous mum and his siblings, David, 11, and Mercy, ten, attempting the Mannequin Challenge, Rocco wrote: "So glad I don’t live here anymore." The video and his comments have since been deleted from the photo sharing site.  

The spotlight has been put on Madonna and Rocco’s relationship in the past year after a custody battle erupted between the Like a Prayer singer and director Guy over who their son would live with. The feud was sparked in December, 2015 after Rocco refused to return to his mum’s home in New York City following a winter break in London with his father. Madonna launched legal action in the both the US and UK demanding the return of her son, who was then 15. However, since then, Rocco, who is close pals with Brooklyn Beckham, has been primarily living in the UK capital. And we thought Lourdes was going to be the trouble maker in the family! 

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