Madonna to meet Jesus’s mum

11 Nov 2009

Singer will meet the mother-in-law – who is 14 years younger than her!

MADONNA will meet her toyboy, JESUS LUZ's mum this week - who is 14 years her junior.

The Material Girl looks set to meet her future in-laws while she is in Brazil.

Despite insisting the trip is ‘strictly business', sources say Madge is nervous about meeting Jesus's young mum.

And apparently, depite the stark age-gap, Madge says she's a proud cougar.

I love that phrase,' she said recently. 'I just learned it the other day'.

When asked what age she likes her men, she replied 'They have to be old enough to dress themselves.

'There's something to be said for younger people - they tend to be more adventurous and aren't set in their ways. I mean, have you met guys my age? Usually they are married or divorced and grumpy, fat and balding."

Some would call it, ‘aging gracefully', Madge.