Madonna Hits Out at Guy Ritchie in New Track

Guess what Madge's singing about her ex-hubby on MDNA?
Tuesday , 06 March 2012
Madonna Hits Out at Guy Ritchie in New Track

Even as the buzz is that her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat has proposed, Madonna has been dishing on what went wrong with her marriage to Guy Ritchie. A song on her new album DNA called I Don't Give A... is about a failed marriage, and, in it, Madge sings, "I tried to be a good girl / I tried to be your wife / Diminished myself / And I swallowed my light / I tried to become all / That you expect of me / And if it was a failure / I don't give a..."

Not looking good for Guy! The Material Girl married the film director in 2000, but they divorced in 2008

So is the song about Guy or not? Madge was also married to Sean Penn, remember? Well, here’s what the star’s agent Liz Rosenberg told the New York Post, "I have not heard Madonna explain whether the lyrics are autobiographical or not. She doesn't often explain lyrics to her songs, and she did have a few writing collaborators.I can only confirm that the response from the music press who heard the album was really exciting. They seemed to love it." Except for Guy, we’re sure!  

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