Madonna In The Hamptons Preparing For W.E Release

Madge is determined to make royal flick a success
Monday , 25 July 2011
Madonna In The Hamptons Preparing For W.E Release

Madonna flew into The Hamptons this weekend to prepare for the upcoming release of her highly anticipated W.E flick.

Her Madgesty held meetings on her plush estate in preparation for the photography and distribution of the film, which will be released worldwide in December.

My sources tell me, Madonna is thrilled with the way in which the film has turned out. It was originally reported to have been about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, but the film is actually about a girl connected to the royal family who the Duchess takes under her wing.

During her writing and feature length directorial debut, Madonna interweaves past and present in what has been described as a 'clever masterpiece'.

My source said, "Madonna flew into East Hampton last week to spend the weekend with her head down focusing on the photography and distribution of W.E."

"It's being released in December through The Weinstein company and everybody is really excited about it. They are actually surprised at how good it is."

"Madonna is very focused on both her work and children right now. She took her kids with her to The Hamptons and while she was beavering away with the final details of the project the kids just went off and had fun. It's a perfect place for them."

I'm also told, once this project is out of the way later this year, Madonna plans on working on a new album which she hopes to release towards the end of next year... I can't wait Madge!