The Brit Awards 2015

Madonna Falls Off BRIT Awards Stage

26 Feb 2015

The singer took a fall during her performance

Madonna fell off the stage whilst performing at the BRIT Awards with MasterCard.

The 56-year-old singer took a tumble whilst performing her hit Living For Love, ensuring that her first performance at the ceremony for 20 years as a memorable one.

Surrounded by dancers dressed as devils, she strutted around the main stage wearing a black cloak. Whilst her team attempted to remove the garment, she slipped and went tumbling down the short staircase.

Like a true professional, though, she got back up and continued singing the track. Twitter users took to the microblogging site to share short clips of the fall, with one writing: "People harping on about how Madonna is such a professional, she fell over its hilarious just enjoy it, have a belly laugh."

Another user shared: "You shouldn't laugh but that was hilarious! Madonna one minute #magonna the next!"

Others also expressed their concern for the pop star, writing: "I hope Madonna is ok. I joke about it now but when I first saw her fall, I literally gasped. I was so frightened. Couldn't believe it."

Another added: "I'm still in shock with @Madonna falling on the #BRITAwards. She's a true superstar to carry on performing after that! I hope she's ok."