Madonna Celebrates Opening School in Pakistan

The pop star has opened a new school with the help of donations
ByJJ AnisiobiTuesday , 30 September 2014
Madonna Celebrates Opening School in Pakistan
Educating: Madonna has opened a school in Pakistan

Pop superstar Madonna is celebrating after helping to launch a new school in Pakistan, a year after promising to fund the construction of the facility with help from fan donations.

The Material Girl hitmaker made the vow onstage at London's The Sound of Change concert last summer, when she called on the public to join her Revolution of Love campaign and throw their support behind Pakistani activist Humaira Bachal, who has been fighting for better education for young girls.

Speaking at the 2013 event, Madonna said: "Let's help Humaira build a bigger school in Pakistan! How 'bout this? You build the first floor, I'll build the rest of the school. Let's do this together! I keep telling people that I want to start a revolution. Until you learn to read and write, you can't ask the question why. You can't do this without an education. Education is not a luxury, it is a basic human right."

The singer made good on her pledge and the newly-expanded Dream Model Street School in Karachi opened last week.

Madonna, who has been involved in building similar schools in Malawi, shared a photo of the completed building on her Instagram page on Sunday and in the accompanying caption, she wrote, "The Revolution of Love continues in Pakistan! The Dream School is finally finished. 1200 kids attending. Knowledge is Power!" 

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