Madonna and Elton John's Bitter Feud Rages On

14 Aug 2012

Will they never let it lie? Madge and Elt are at it again...

Elton John and Madonna just can’t stop their catty digs at each other but we secretly don’t want them to. Get this. Drama queen Elt has now slammed mad Madge calling her an exotic dancer (we’re paraphrasing the rather-too-racy term he actually used) of the fairground variety in a bonkers new interview on Australian news show Sunday Night.

Never one to mince his words, Elton added, “She’s such a nightmare. Sorry, her career is over. Her tour has been a disaster.” Luckily for us, one of Madge’s mates was straight on the blower to the Huffington Post. They told the website, “I honestly do not understand his need to trash her over and over again. He says she has no authority, but apparently he has authority? He needs to hate on her. To say her tour is a disaster is just silly. She is selling out arenas, singing new material and a few classic hits. He will be singing the same old songs until he dies.” Brilliant! The source added, “Ultimately, she doesn’t care what he has to say about her in public or private. She has nothing to prove to anyone, especially Elton John.” You tell him!