Madonna already moving on...

To younger and better things
Sunday , 07 February 2010
Madonna already moving on...
Madonna moving on to another model

Say what you want about Madonna, but the woman is a force to be reckoned with.

After her highly publicised break up with her 23-year-old Brazilian model boyfriend, Madge has bounced back faster than we could say Jesus Luz and is making headlines once again with another younger man, 24-year-old model and actor Jon Kortajarena.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, the Material Girl met the young actor at the New York premiere of his film A Single Man in which he stars alongside Colin Firth and Julianne Moore. Madge was said to be infatuated by the hunky model when she met him and is keen to pursue the new prospect.

“She has made some enquiries about him and has found out a bit more about some of his future modelling gigs in a bid to use her influence to his advantage. She is going to invite him to some social events in New York,” a source told the newspaper.

And while Madge cavorts with her latest hot catwalker, also seemingly unfazed by the break up (which he supposedly initiated) is her ex Jesus Luz who was spotted frolicking on the beach in Brazil.