Madonna is planning a bizarre ritual to get rid of all things Guy

Madge "To Bury" Guy

27 Oct 2008

Material Girl wants ex out of her life forever

MADONNA is determined to get estranged husband GUY RITCHIE out of her life for good - by burying anything that reminds her of him.

The Material Girl is said to have ordered an aide to gather up photographs and gifts from the Snatch filmmaker and put them all in a box - which will then be buried underground.

And she believes the ritual will help put her marriage to Ritchie behind her and move on with her life.

A source says: "Madonna wants to get Guy's energy out of her life to help her have a more balanced view for the divorce.

"In effect she wants to bury that part of her life and the attachment she had with Ritchie, and this is how she thinks she can do it and move on. It will be a little bit like a funeral as she lays that part of her life to rest."