Madge’s Ageing Crisis!

19 Mar 2009

Taking her obsession with staying young to scary new extremes

Madonna dressed up as a schoolgirl for a Kabbalah fancy dress party in New York, last week.

Borrowing a waistcoat and tie, striped long-sleeved glove, and pair of Converse from her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes, the 50-year-old looked more like Avril Lavigne’s granny than a pop icon – fuelling speculation that she’s suffering from
a catastrophic ageing crisis.

On a ‘toyboy’ diet
In a desperate bid to keep up with her 22-year-old model toyboy Jesus Luz, Madonna has intensified her already military-standard diet and fitness programme – and she’s encouraging her man to follow her lead!

“It’s very important to Madonna that anyone close to her does two things – follow her religion and her diet,” spilled a spy. “Jesus is now having to eat organic salads, brown rice and fish.” Adding, “Occasionally she indulges with a slice of wheat-free wholegrain toast with sugar-free strawberry jam.”

Exercise junkie

Determined to prove her burgeoning relationship with Brazilian model Jesus, is more than just a phase, Madonna has even bought up a Dhs148million love nest in New York’s trendy Upper East side – and moved her hot new lover in.

“Jesus has left his old life and his old friends behind. His whole world has turned on its head since he met Madonna,” revealed a source.

Wants part in teen flick

In a further bid to recapture her youth, Madge has jumped on the Twilight bandwagon, voicing an interest in taking part in the sequel to the hit movie, New Moon.

But her behaviour has prompted her ex-husband Guy Ritchie’s dad, John Ritchie, to blast the singer saying, “Is it embarrassing for Guy? Well, as long as he doesn’t have to have anything to do with her, all is fine.”