Made to measure celeb couples!

The A-list ladies who really look up to their men
Made to measure celeb couples!

Pocket-sized princess

At just 5ft 2”, High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale is over a foot shorter than her towering 6ft 3” video director boyfriend, Scott. And despite those towering heels, it looks like the cute-as-a-button Disney star could fit in his pocket. Bless!

Fee Fi Fo Fum!

At 5ft 1”, the Heroes starlet reckons she hates being seen as the cutesy cheerleader type. But if you date a 6ft 6” Ukranian boxer, you’re not exactly going to look like Charles Bronson now are you, sweetie?

XO Meets XL!

The voice behind Gossip Girl recently got engaged to her 6ft 2” comedian boyf Dax. But at 5ft 1” she’s going to get some serious neck strain reaching up to give him some XOXOs!

Dwarfing the competition!

Our fave comedy couple may be a foot apart – she’s 5ft 2” and he’s 6ft 2” – but when it comes to making us laugh
out loud, they’re definitely evenly matched!

Tall men festish?

At 5ft 4”, Michelle clearly has thing for tall men. Her late ex Heath Ledger was 6ft 1”, and now she’s rumoured to have hooked up with her Blue Valentine co-star Ryan – who also comes in at 6ft 1”!